Make the year


These past few weeks have been really hard.
   I am now single. My beat friend is having problems at her church because apparently her pastor raped a girl. The state test are coming tomorrow. And even though I’m trying my hardest, my mom and the rest of the family is just getting poor by the months.
   Im trying to just make it through the year. Im still on my goal to become famous, and hopefully transfer to the Mississippi school of arts. When i do, i just hope i can leave all my past behind here in Crystal springs. I can’t say my break up didn’t hurt me, because it did, hard. I spent three years with this boy, and in an instant, i felt like he never even wanted to fight for me. Like he didn’t care. So, if he didn’t fight for me, i won’t put up a fight for him. So its time i move on. I even wanted to be friends, but it seems we cant go back to that. Its like i never even existed to him, so i guess I’ll just turn into him memory. My senior year i will be leaving the school, hopefully i can keep in contact with my friends though.
   I just got to make it past this year.


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