One Day; Philosophy


Being in my position is a serious thing. But you can’t always get someone to see your point of view because they don’t know what you’ve been through. I say if you can describe your point of view then people will get why you act a certain way.
    I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life, people can’t even manage to stand in my position from where I was to where I am now.
    Someday I hope to tell people my story when i become famous. Tell them all what I’ve been through just to get where I am today. If I can do so, then people will stop treating me like I’m some kind of maniac and a lunatic that wants to hurt everybody, and realize I’m just a person with goals and aspirations. I’ll show the world one day of who CedesJ really is.
What has CedesJ done to get where she is now?
What will CedesJ accomplish?
What is CedesJ’s goals?

One day I’ll tell everyone about my philosophy.


Make the year


These past few weeks have been really hard.
   I am now single. My beat friend is having problems at her church because apparently her pastor raped a girl. The state test are coming tomorrow. And even though I’m trying my hardest, my mom and the rest of the family is just getting poor by the months.
   Im trying to just make it through the year. Im still on my goal to become famous, and hopefully transfer to the Mississippi school of arts. When i do, i just hope i can leave all my past behind here in Crystal springs. I can’t say my break up didn’t hurt me, because it did, hard. I spent three years with this boy, and in an instant, i felt like he never even wanted to fight for me. Like he didn’t care. So, if he didn’t fight for me, i won’t put up a fight for him. So its time i move on. I even wanted to be friends, but it seems we cant go back to that. Its like i never even existed to him, so i guess I’ll just turn into him memory. My senior year i will be leaving the school, hopefully i can keep in contact with my friends though.
   I just got to make it past this year.

I dont want to die…so your gonna have too.


This was a hard decision, but it wasn’t difficult. All my life I have always ben the peacemaker amongst my peers. I have to put up with everybody, everyday no mmatter what the situation. Everyday I. And listen to your secrets and problems, but now I realize how fake all of you are. I try to keep my life positive,  when all oof you are just plain negative!!
     I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially tired of all of you. I am always the persont to cry on, I am always keeping secrets. Truthfully, all of you need to get out your feelings, freshman to sophomores and maybe even juniors and seniors, because you always got to come to me. But when I need a shoulder to cry on, all of you avoid me, so this is it. I’M DONE!! I’m done with all of you. All of you have problems you need to work out because I am no longer helping. I really see how all of you really are. YOUR FAKE!!
    To some of the extras that I barely talk too…I don’t like you either, I try too but I can’t after all you’ve done to me. I can forgive, but I cant forget. I don’t hate anyone here, I just don’t like messy people and I am removing myself from the situations.
    All of you that I have tagged, you all have just Been killed off from my life. I refuse to fake a smile for demons any longer.
    I refuse to hang around demons. Do not come to me until you finally turn your negative lives positive. I am done being nice to you.
So to all of you….GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!


I want positivity, not negativity!


I am done with people at my school. You hear me…D.O.N.E!!!
    Today was the Teens on the move trip. I swear this girl is gonna mane me snap hard. I have never been so angry before, cause I always stay positive, but thee tricks making me wanna snap!
    O always gotta keep the freaking peace. I am always the peacemaker because I want everyone to be friends, BUT THAT’S JUST A LODE OF BULLCRAP!! I gotta always be the shoulder to cry on, and I have to always keep secrets…Im tired of that crap! Whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, I never have anyone there and they all go two faced….tricks change personalities more than they change they dang underwear.

I am done…done with people. I want positivity, not negativiy!



Well, I got a lot tothink about of my life in the future.
I want to go to Mississippi school of arts this year but was unable too. So I wont be transfering till my senior year. At least I wont have to worry about passing with my class, but hopefully I will go for visual arts. I want to work in computer animation so visual arts is the best way to go, maybe I’ll get into my dream school, Full Sail University.

Graduation plans